Met Benefactors

One of NYC’s most famous treasures is the Metropolitan Opera. I have had the joy of attending five performances so far: Carmen, Ernani, L’Elisir d’Amore, Otello, and my favorite, La Traviata with Sonya Yoncheva. My not so secret strategy is to buy cheap rush tickets on the day of performance.  So, as someone who struggles to pay rent on an adjunct salary, I am deeply grateful to all the donors who make this program possible.

Of course I am regularly mailed promotions for the Met, asking me to subscribe or asking for a donation, which I would certainly do if I had the funds.  Usually I glance at the material and then donate to recycling, but this request letter piqued my interest.

As is typical, there are tiered membership levels.  As your donation increases, you receive all the benefits of the previous levels, plus additional perks.  At the very top is “Benefactor” ($2,000+), where one receives a “One time Patron Lounge Access Pass.”   In the Patron Lounge you will receive “complimentary coffee or tea,” 45 minutes before curtain and during intermissions.

I’m not sure if this includes Cappuccino, Chai or other specialty drinks.  I just hope this is not some subtle commentary that you all are going to need caffeine to keep you awake through some of the three hour or more long performances!

Opening night Gala comes this Monday with Saint-Saëns Samson et Delilah. Pop open the champagne! Prepare for chandeliers to dim.

Photo by me of Met Opera Chandeliers


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