Books by Tram Combs

Pilgrim’s terrace : poems American West Indian
Author: Tram Combs
Publisher: San Germán : Editorial La Nueva Salamanca, 1957.
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In the 1950s Tram began making small books of poetry as Christmas/New Year’s gifts for his friends. One of these books got into the hands of William Carlos Williams, while he was visiting the University of Puerto Rico. This is how Dr. Williams was introduced to Tram. Williams wrote the introduction to Pilgrim’s Terrace, Tram’s first book to receive widespread recognition.
Review in The New Yorker, June 15, 1957

Ceremonies in mind : artists, boys, cats, lovers, judges, priests
Author: Combs, Tram
Publication: St. Thomas, V.I. : Mind Trammells, 1959
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Review in Poetry Magazine, July 1960

Saint-Thomas, poems.
Author: Tram Combs
Publisher: Middletown, Conn. : Wesleyan University Press [1965]
Series: Wesleyan poetry program
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Most of Tram’s books were self-published. The exception was Saint Thomas, published by Wesleyan University Press, one of the most prestigious poetry publishers of the time. There was dissent on the editorial board, but thanks largely to the support of John Malcolm Brinnin, it was accepted.
Review in the New York Times by X.J. Kennedy, Sep 25, 1966

But never mind : poems, etc., 1946-50
Author: Tram Combs
Publisher: Golden Mountain Press, San Francisco 1961
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